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His hands flew to his face, where beeg anal he cradled beeg video his new badge of defeat. He screamed. I looked down at him and commented, "That is today's lesson." I caught Eddie's expression. He was gaping at me in astonishment. The guy clutched his ruined nose and fled from the porn beeg schoolyard, probably heading for home. Eddie and I watched. The guy beeg coom never looked back as he ran. The next day during beeg vids gym beeg x class, Eddie reported that the guy avoided him religiously and averted his eyes whenever Eddie looked his way. Eddie also mentioned that the guy had a big bandage on his nose and that other guys in the class made fun of him, calling him Woody Woodpecker or some such thing. I said, "Well, turnabout www beeg.com is fair play." Eddie smiled beegcom evilly and beeg sex video agreed. beeg. com Chapter 3: The Affair Continues. Two months passed. Eddie and I decided to keep our cool in public, especially beeeg in school, since many of our peers had bizarre notions about homosexuality. At the end of the Twentieth century when this story begins, the various outdated sexual taboos still held sway with many people. tube beeg People are prone to cling to what they think are their 'convictions'--most of which are the implants of parental and societal influences, beeg milf with few, if any, having bee been thought out in beeg hd any logical order by themselves. In our bedrooms or even in the forest, Eddie xnxx beeg and I would release our pent-up passions. In public we touched each other to the extent that friends are allowed, though at night we might xnxx beeg take www.beeg chances and hold .beeg hands beeg..com or something. Eddie had asked me over the phone to come over Saturday and watch a great Bette Midler movie, "Beaches". After that he wanted to go swimming at the community pool. That beeg xnxx sounded good to me. I was a poor swimmer, but I enjoyed beeg come doing beeg xvideos different things whether I was good at them or beeg.com not. First thing I had to do, though, was let my parents know my plans. I found my Mom by her usual station in front of the television. "Mom, I'll be going site beeg.com beeg over to Eddie's on Saturday, and I'll probably spend the night." Mother was sitting on beeg x the sofa. She looked away from the television and www beeg.com said, "Eddie's, huh?" I caught a tone in her voice which indicated she would have more to say on the matter. She didn't know that we were lovers, but merely felt that I should associate with friends my age or older. Once I had wondered why I loved a boy three years younger than I, but then I remembered Eddie's brown eyes gazing into mine in the park, and quit wondering. "Why do you www.beeg..com spend all your time with Eddie? Why don't you see any of your beeg com www beeg com other friends? Mark called yesterday and asked where you were." 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Even though, really it all seemed silly, the need for pretenses and covering up, when it was no big deal. But beeg free such was begg the way of our culture circa 1990, though it had improved significantly since a few decades ago. I would have beeg hairy liked to tell others about my relationship with Eddie, and be open. But our parents would beeg black have gotten wind of it, and I had a beeg com dim beegxx prediction as to what their beeg . reactions would be. We might have been disowned practically if not officially, or either of us might have been beeg.coom subjected to a homophobic counselor's interrogations, or Lord knows what. It is beeg anal a great tragedy that same-sex affairs are so often shrouded in secrecy! This is a tremendous wrong that cries out for revision in the future evolution of our culture! Anyway--I continued, "His sister's name is Cindy. She's kinda cute. I'll probably ask her tonight." "That sounds cool." I studied Mark beeg xx by the light of a street lamp. He was husky beeg mom and attractive in that way, and I thought that he would free porn beeg be very appealing to girls and some guys, though he wasn't my type. I figured he might well score after the Prom, and told him so. He laughed and affirmed that he had that in mind, wwwbeeg too. Later that night I called Eddie's house. It was 9:23 PM and I was glad that Mark and I hadn't walked too far. Eddie answered, as he usually did these days, because I called often. I told him what my plans were: I would ask Cindy anal beeg out to the Prom (Eddie said he was positive she would go with me) and beegporn the three beeg gesetz of us would go to the Prom. Eddie and I would act like casual friends throughout the night. Afterwards, if Cindy wanted to do anything, I'd probably go along beeg lesbian with it (I felt that if Cindy was half what her brother was, she would be a lot of fun); if beeg 18 not, I would drop her off and Eddie and I would go out. "Cindy, Karl wants to talk to you. beeg tube Pick up the phone!" I heard Eddie say. I heard her reply, "About what?" but she picked up the phone and said, "Hi Karl, I'm here." "Hi Cindy. I guess you've heard about the Prom that's coming up this weekend. Do you have a date?" She paused and giggled, and then said, "Um, no, why?" I said, "Just wondering. I was curious and wanted to find out." I paused very briefly, and then beeg-com chuckled and added, beeg porno "No, of course I'm free porn beeg asking you because I'd like to take you out, if you'll go with me." She said, "Sure!" I liked her. I remembered all of the times I had chatted with beeg mp4 her over at Eddie's house www beeg and decided that she was a vivacious, enthusiastic kind of girl, the xxxbeeg sort for which I was vulnerable. I said, "When would you like me to come over?" beeg. com "Um, how about, let's see, does 6:00 sound okay?" "That's fine. I'm sure we'll beeg com. have a beeg poto great time." beeg teen "Yeah! Thanks, Karl. I'll see ya at seven on Friday!" "Okay." She handed the phone to Eddie. beegporn Eddie said to me, "What'd I tell you?" I heard Cindy nudge him in the background and say "Shut-UP! God!" and Eddie giggled. beag.com I thought about how lucky I was to know those two and I felt love for both of them, favoring Eddie the most. Their parents must be fine stock to have sired such amazing offspring. beeg. "Mom, can I have the car this Friday? I'm taking a girl out to the Prom." Mother perked up noticeably. "A girl? To the Prom?" She pressed the "mute" button on the television's remote control. "Well!" she said. "Who's the lucky lady?" "Cindy. Eddie's older sister." "Oh, Eddie's sister. No wonder!" she laughed. "Well, I'm very happy for беег you. Yes, you may use the car mom beeg if you're back by 10 o'clock." "Aw, Ma. Ten o'clock? That's beeg xvideos too early!" "Well, the dance is over by 9:30, isn't it Karl?" She caught my beeg porn videos eyes. She smiled and said, "Alright. Be back by midnight, then. Have fun, but be careful. You know what I mean." I hugged her and whispered, "Thanks." She said, "Well I was young once, not too long ago. I remember how it was." Friday arrived and so did I at Eddie's house, right on time. Eddie must have been watching for my car, because he came out as I opened my door. We grinned at each other. He was dressed sharply. He was stunning in his dark blue turtleneck shirt and long blue corduroy pants; like a royal prince. I placed a hand on his shoulder and told him so. The Prom was a casual affair, not suit-and-tie, which surprised many of us. If our principal had been in charge of it, the affair would have been heavily chaperoned and rules would have infested the occasion like fleas on a dog. But a member of the PTA had organized the event and the school officials had given approval, perhaps a bit hastily as wwwbeeg they discovered later, beeg. com when Led Zeppelin tunes rocked the auditorium. Eddie stood by my car, resting his rear on the hood. I stood next to him as we waited for Cindy. He beeg mp4 said, "You know, she hasn't said anything, but I think she likes you." "I think she's neat, too." I beeg ass said, watching his eyes carefully to make sure I wasn't hurting him. I wondered whether he was truly above jealousy or if he went along only for my beeg porche sake. I would have beeg mp4 called it all off if I felt that this would make him unhappy. beeg teen But his expression was unchanged. "Eddie, I want to see you dance, too." "Oh, I will." Cindy appeared at the door, waving to me. She came out and turned around, locking the door. I admired her back, her slender www.beeg com waist and shapely hips. She was wearing a short red dress. As she beeg poto approached I said, "So here's the Lady in Red!" Eddie and Cindy giggled. Eddie took the beeg teen back seat and Cindy sat in front next to me. We sputtered in our conversation, nervously chattering about little things, and I adjusted the radio station several times. But finally we calmed beeg xx down and acted as we usually did around each other: wild and crazy. Many eyes were upon us as we walked into the auditorium. I swear that one boy was staring mighty hard at Eddie. Several gawked openly at Cindy. Two girls stared at me, and one girl watched beeg hd Eddie discretely, letting her eyes flutter somewhere else whenever he looked in her direction. I surmised that those two would dance together tonight; I was right. beeg/ Eddie asked her beeg . half an hour later, and she feigned disinterest but accepted. Cindy beeh and I danced fast and furious. She was fun-loving and easy-going and I really liked her. We joked www beeg and www.beeg.com kidded throughout the evening, and when it grew late beeg free she came up close to me and whispered in my ear, "Let's drop Eddie off and then park somewhere." And so we did, but Eddie took along his new girlfriend and asked us to drop him off at the park by his house. Cindy giggled and I said, "Okay big guy, just don't do anything beeg ass I wouldn't do!" He retorted, "That ain't much!" and all of us laughed, though Eddie and I laughed the most. I watched through beeg.con the rearview mirror as Eddie and his girl kissed in site beeg.com beeg the backseat. After we dropped them off, xxx beeg Eddie and his new conquest walked to a bench in the beeg gesetz park, and Cindy and I drove off a block away to a parking lot by beegxxx a fast food restaurant. We petted each other heavily and climaxed, and then moved to the beeg ass backseat and had intercourse. She was fantastic. beegs We didn't experience strong love; it was mostly physical attraction, but man! It was good! We both felt safe beeq.com since I had used a rubber and she had used some spermicidal cream which also acted as an excellent lubricant-- though she had bee hardly needed any, given her level of arousal. We didn't give the night much thought after it was over. It free porn beeg was a fling between friends. Neither of us had indicated beeg .com that we had wanted anymore. And I'm not sure, but I believe she beeg/ knew that Eddie and beeg massage I were involved with each other. The next beegxx day, as if to prove to each other that last beeg.c night didn't affect our relationship, Eddie and I made love in my b eeg bedroom and spent the night together, talking about our experiences beeg sex video and sipping wine that I had saved for a special occasion. We aroused each other beeg..com by describing our separate encounters, and found that our experiences had actually strengthened our friendship, because now we knew that we could trust one another. We knew that no matter what we did or who we were with, our hearts would always be fond of each other. We discussed our plans for the future and decided that we would have to find wives or mistresses, and have children, but we would be together always. Eddie made me promise that last. "Karl, even unto death." he said with deep, thoughtful eyes. "Eddie, unto death and beyond, I will be with you. I love you." "And I love you. I will beeg video follow you to the ends of the Earth and I will be with you after we die." "A long xxx beeg time from now, I reckon." "Yup." We looked at each other for a beeg/ moment and then a silly grin crept up hd beeg on our faces and we fell into each others' arms and wrestled. We moved all over the bed like wild boys, grabbing arms and legs and each https //beeg.com other's beeg hot waist. His black hd beeg hair fell messily over his brown eyes, his face was flushed pink from the physical exertion, and a grin was very prominent beneath his .beeg petite nose. He was a little devil, full sex beeg of energy and strength, but finally I bee pinned his waist down to the bed and laid my chest over his legs. His eyes lit up knowingly and he ceased struggling more than symbolically. I scanned his beegcom face for approval; he gave it. My fingers worked with his zipper, unbuttoned his pants, and then I placed my hands on his underwear, grasping his stiffening sex through the white cotton. I produced his cock from the white garment, lowered beeg mature my head into his lap, and began sucking beeg xxx беег him. beeg milf He milf beeg pursed his lips and exhaled quickly as I moved my head up and down on his cock. He beeg mature tilted his head back in ecstasy. The pleasure was intense for him. beeg video I sucked him patiently, eagerly, savoring his warm, tight skin, his natural boyish scent, his soft cockhead. He moved his hips slightly, the excitement building teen beeg within begg him. I wondered how long he would be. I wanted to bring him as much joy as I beeg xnxx could; let him lie there an hour or more. His chest heaved as his breathing quickened. He reached beegs beeg.com/ a hand to my beeg com. head and free beeg caressed my hair. A second beeg sexxn later he exploded inside my mouth, spurting juice inside me which I www.beeg.com lapped up. We were as one in all ways--his beeg porn body was mine, mine was his-- and our fluids beeg sexxx were common to each other. We kissed afterward. We decided to go downstairs and watch TV with the rest of my family for a while, so he tugged his pants www.beeg back up. I watched longingly as beeg lesbian his beautiful cock disappeared back under his mom beeg soft underwear. We inspected each other to beeg sexxx make sure our appearances were appropriate (no stains anywhere), combed our hair, and headed downstairs to the den where we could hear "The Simpsons" on TV. Later that night Eddie browsed through my tape collection. His face beeg.coom lit up when beeg coom he saw Elton John and Led Zeppelin; beeg massage he simply had to hear "Crocodile Rock" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". He seized me by my hand and we beeg indian danced together, jumping to beeg.c the upbeat "Crocodile Rock" sex beeg and then cuddling closely to the sad "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", resting our beeg mature heads on each others' shoulders. I loved the feel of his hands on my back as we swayed together to the music. Eddie chose a Led Zep tape next, and we hip-hopped for the beeg porn videos next few songs. Led Zep communicates a certain energy to the listener; I have beeg poto danced in solitaire to most Led Zep songs, and I know the rhythm translates easily into physical motion. It is beyond me why Led Zep is not played on the dance floors at clubs; it's antiquity is the reason, but it isn't much of a reason, I feel. I thought it was fantastic that beeg tubes Eddie and I shared similar tastes beeg.com in music, among many other things. I wanted to tell him that later. My lips couldn't form the words to such an irrelevant comment while we were dancing so gaily. The only b eeg thing beeg xnxx relevant was us. At that niche in time we porn beeg were immortal; we milf beeg both knew we would remember the moment for years to come. Dancing in my bedroom with not a care in the world--that was what life was about. We were sure of it. After the tragic beeg videos "Kashmir" finished, we collapsed into each others' arms and embraced, rocking back and forth. After free beeg a moment, Eddie pulled away and said, "I want beeg black you to beeg mom hear a song, a special song that means a lot to me. It's about you--I mean, about us. What you mean to me." He smiled shyly. "It's a beegxxx slow song," he continued. He fastforwarded the tape beeg porno and got it to the desired tune. Robert Plant, the lead singer for beeg.c Led beeg .com Zep, www.beeg..com was a bold singer with a voice full of passion. Eddie closed his eyes and rested his head on my shoulder as Robert Plant sang... "It is the springtime of my loving, the second season I'm to know... You are the sunlight in my growing-- So little warmth I've felt before... It isn't hard to feel me glowing, I watched the fire that grew so beeg sex low..." The violin and guitar (I assume; I make no claim sex beeg to being a musician) played for a long while after this, making a calm, thoughtful melody. "It is the summer of my smiles... Flee from me, keepers of the gloom... Speak to me only with your eyes... It is to you I give this tune... Ain't so hard to recognize; These things are clear to all from time to time..." The mood changed after this and the change seemed like a sudden waterfall discovered mom beeg while hiking next to beeg movies a stream. I couldn't distinguish all of the words and caught only pieces here and there. Eddie explained why the song had so much meaning for him. His life had seemed rather bleak before he had met me. The lust he felt for guys made him feel lonely, because in America, guys are conditioned to avoid homosexual contact, and no boy he knew had ever admitted to liking guys. He'd see teen beeg guys his age walking hand in hand with their girlfriend, and he'd envy their love. beeg movies He had wanted a close relationship like they had--but with a guy. He had been so overjoyed after the day we met beeh in the park that he had stayed up all night thinking about me, wondering if I would call him the next day. I said, "Oh, Eddie." and put my arm around his shoulder. He touched my hand and squeezed it. I suggested that we go to Burger King and get something to eat. He found that idea redeeming. Like many young teenagers, his body continually craved food; he beeg sexxn could never eat enough. I always beeg 18 relished watching him eat. site beeg.com beeg It was sexy and arousing in a certain way. At Burger King I fed him french www beeg fries, which he nibbled directly from my fingers like a puppy www.beeg dog. That was terrific fun. I beeg.com wanted very much to kiss him, he was so cute. After devouring a huge meal, we started walking back home. It was nighttime. How many times have I relived that night, every minute, every indian beeg beeg jepang second of it, and thought of all the openings I could beeg have taken to prevent what happened. I can never forget, nay, as long as these bones still hold flesh on them. Chapter 4: A Brief Interruption. It was a beautiful, starry night, and we beeg moms were walking home, holding each other's hand and talking softly. We beeg 4k had a simple bliss beeg..com that came from being together. The world could have dissolved into nothingness and we would have walked on the air. If the world beeg porche had gravity, we didn't feel it; we were floating. We beeg indian had beeg beeg been walking for close to an hour when I heard a shouted epitaph. Six tube beeg or seven youths who disapproved of our affection- -they were skinheads--stood before us with baseball bats and other armaments which made them quite confident that the two of us would be bleeding very soon. I studied each of them, probing for weaknesses; there were many, and their strength of numbers instilled them with foolish bravado. This one slouched lazily, putting most of his weight on one foot. Another seemed fearful and distracted. Another wore tight jeans which would restrict his movement. I exchanged looks with Eddie. Fear showed in his eyes. I immediately hated the hoods. I felt my body tensing, becoming steel, ready to pounce at the wolves like a starved panther and rip them to shreds. "Eddie!" I whispered frantically. "Keep out of the way and let me take care of this!" "No, Karl! You can't possibly--" We weren't beag.com given anymore time beeg jepang to talk, for they were upon us. Much later--either 5 minutes or a lifetime--my face was bruise